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I've had no problem with any waterfowl gun if kept clean and parts replaced as they wear.

Pumps (870, BPS, Nova, etc) are great at working in rough conditions--but if abused will balk at ejecting and seating. I saw two 870 single shots this last week--one with a rusted chamber which would not eject Federal Classis Steel and one that kept putting a shell beind the shell lifter (usually this is the result of short stroking the action after curing this problem the gun would not go fullly into battery on the second shot due to a really dirty action.

Auto's this week had no problems--from a ratty looking A5, a pair of 1100 Magnums and an SX2.

The more I shoot from field layouts the more I appreciate a gas operated semi-automatic and may never take a fixed breech gun on a waterfowl hunt again.

A heavy, gas operated, semi-auto is my preference.
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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