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I would have to agree with Denis. Take a look at the Spartan 453 or the Baikal MP153 and save a few hundred dollars for shells. I have owned my MP153 for over 2 years now and still can't believe how well this shotgun performs for a $300 dollar firearm. I like this gun so well for waterfowl that I sold my Beretta 391 Extrema. I duck hunt with friends who own these magnum autoloaders... Benellis, Berettas, Brownings, Rems & Wins... They are all fine shotguns. All of my friends can't get over the dependabilty of my MP153 for the money. My friends refer to my MP153 as the Russian Tank. As for using an Autoloader for waterfowl? A regular cleaning after a day afield and a full strip cleaning at least once a year. I've found the autoloaders I've seen and used as reliable as any other shotgun you can carry into the boat, swamp or blind. I do recommend a synthetic stock model for waterfowl hunting. I love wood but I think the synthetic stocks hold up better under harsh conditions of waterfowl hunting. Best of luck...
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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