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I've been shootin a remington 11-87 3.5" for two seasons now.
it works great, digests anything i feed it.
great duck gun.
I've heard people have problems with em, but mine works great.
I've read posts of the 3rd shell not feeding on browning golds as well, so whatever..
If i had the $$$, i'd love to have one of those Xtrema 3.5" with the kick-off system, but they didn't have those when i bought the 11-87, and i already own probably too many shotguns, i know, i know, never too many..
But i really like my 11-87SP 3.5".
I hunted waterfowl most my life with pumps, but recently got the auto itch, and they work great if maintained even fairly decently.
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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