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Any action can jam because it's dirty. Granted semi auto's are more prone to have this happen than say a pump gun. The better semi auto's can take quite a bit of abuse and still cycle. With a semi auto it's more important to pay attention to to the type of oil and the amount used than on other action types.
I like a 3 1/2" chambered gun myself for waterfowling.

I would go with the Benelli or Beretta off your list of choices.
In my experience the ComforTech is about marketing and not recoil reduction. The removable soft comb is a nice feature of the ComforTech. I have not shot the Kick Off system yet so I don't know.
Both are very good models that will work well for waterfowling and turkey hunting. The Benelli will be a little easier to clean. If you include the recoil springs then the Beretta will be easier. The SBE II holds four shells total to the X II's five and both can take extentions. They both come with shims for the stock and automatic magazine cutoff's. The X II has a bolt lock lever on the left side of the receiver that the SBE II does not have. The X II will more than likely handle lighter loads better. The SBE II is lighter in weight and both have a similar balance with more weight towards the stock. The SBE II has a lilttle smaller feel than the X II. The trigger gaurd is bigger on the SBE II which is nice for gloved hands. The safety size, shape, and location is better for me on the SBE II.

A few other models that are as good as the Benelli and Beretta would be the Browning Gold 3 1/2", Franchi 912, or the Winchester SX2 3 1/2".
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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