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B 2000 A good buy?

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I have a chance to buy a B 200 12ga with two barrels 30 in full and 26 imp both vent rib for 300.00 I know nothing about the B 2000 is this a good buy? Thanks
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$300 won't quite buy you a brand new Turkish Charles Daly gas semi automatic shotgun at Wal Mart, but it does come very close.

Provided that B2000 is in nice shape, $300 is a screaming bargain. I own one, with three barrels, and it's an absolute jewel of a shotgun. It reminds me of a Swiss watch. The damn things cost more than three hundred bucks brand new back thirty years ago, with one barrel, not two.

They are supposed to even be able to shoot steel shot, except for the largest sizes. Brand new old stock spare barrels are available, cheap, from Jeff's Outfitters. Parts are still available from Gun Parts. Mine only likes the standard ounce and a eighth 3 dram trap loads, but it's so "new" it's really not broken in yet.

I promise you that $300 won't touch anything else even remotely comparable in quality.
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You convinced me Super X one I bought it I now cant wait for it to get here I hope its as good as my Super X one also with two Barrels.
I love mine. Its one of the better shotguns I have shot. One think to look for is if someone has had the barrel off and let the bolt hit the receiver. There will be a dent infront of the bolt handle. Its not very noticable but might give you some wiggle room on price if is it dented. I too recommend Jeffs outfitters for b2000 barrels. Barrels are great and affordable.
The rabbit slayer
The B2000 loads through a big slot on the left side of the receiver. The shell whisks right up into the chamber, and then you stuff two more up the tube. Neat.

You should go to Brownings home page and download the manual. A B2000 is a really neat gun, and you're going to love it.

They are lighter than a Super X. They make a better field gun. The finish is excellent. Materials and workmanship are top of the line.
Thanks for all the help .I got the gun and its a beauty the only problem is the forend is a little loose anybody got a fix?Also where can I buy a new or used forend?
I have several b2000's and love them. I would rather shoot them than any other semi auto. If you have any trouble with it cycling loads send it to midwest gun works. They have a few tricks to tighten the fit of the barrel ring to the mag tube. I have shot thousands of round with many different loads though mine since these adjustments with no failures. I do have the same issue with one of the forearms and if you can find a new forearm it will correct it.
Good guns Yes! but shell length appears to make a difference with my two. They don't like any 65mm or 67mm cases. Forend could be cracked, glue and back up with glassfibre. Forend new from Numrich, stocks new from Jeffs Outfitters other spares from Western Gun Parts. Now take it out and shoot it, and forget all about chokes, if your in the right place it's a kill and if not who cares you will get it next time. Best of luck Richard. PS I bought three barrels from Jeffs and have had had some of the choke taken out of a couple, but I shoot best with the skeet barrel so much for who cares!
Whoops, sorry no more forends at Numrichs, get the glue out! Also check the forearm bushing, it gets crushed. Part 12216. Richard.
Thanks Richard I found a new forend so I bought it and a spare bushing I should be good for a while > I have two vent rib barrels one full and one IC now all I have to do is try it . Gerry
When you do don;t be scared of the side loading, it woorks really well, when you have mastered it. If your right handed, hold the gun in your right hand with the bolt open, saftey on and finger off the trigger. Now push a shell in to the loading port, with the left hand, don't push it all the way in, but let it rebound on to the carrier latch trip. Tha shell will be speed feed into the chamber. Now load up the magazine through the port, the last shell will sit on the carrier latch and be full visable. The last shell is quite happy here and will not fall out and feeds OK. All the shells from the magazine can be pulled out off the loading port to empty the gun, just remember to lift the cartridge stop to let them out of the tube. If you don't fancy the speed load you can drop a shell in the ejection port and trip the latch from underneath the gun, them load up the magazine through the loading port. Please let us all know how you get on with the gun. I am a fan of it. Regards Richard.
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