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Usually here at B&C, we get to watch as many people we have never met harvest some of the finest animals in North America. This is not the case this time, as something incredible has happened to one of our own.

B&C Marketing Director Keith Balfourd was fortunate enough to harvest the buck of many lifetimes recently in B&C's home state of Montana. Keith was on a do-it-yourself public land hunt in a good area, and his patience in passing on many good caliber bucks paid off in spades.

This monstrous 5x7 Montana typical was green scored at the B&C Headquarters in Missoula by official measurer Ryan Hatfield at 202-4/8. Should that score hold anywhere close after the 60-day drying period, that would place this tremendous buck in the top five all-time for the state of Montana. Particularly impressive are the G-3's and G-4's, which all are over 14" in length.

Congratulations to Keith for tons of legwork and a job well-done. We are all currently just a little envious of his success. Look for the story on this great buck in an upcoming edition of Boone & Crockett Club's Fair Chase magazine.

Indiana Record Contender
November 22, 2005
Rumors are circulating at a rapid rate on this great buck, calling it the new World's Record at 220 B&C. From the little information we have received so far, it appears the buck has been unofficially taped at near 200 B&C as a typical.

The current state record, a 195-1/8 buck taken by B. Dodd Porter, was taken in Parke County, Indiana in 1985.


Texas Bull
November 15, 2005
This bull has been getting a lot of play over the Internet, and rightfully so. Here's what we know:

The bull is believed to have been taken by a bowhunter in Texas. It has yet to be entered into B&C or Pope & Young, so no entry or due diligence has been initiated.

What is unclear is whether or not this bull will meet eligibility requirements for entry into B&C should it be entered. Texas Parks and Wildlife Dept. does not consider elk a game animal and as such do not have a management plan in place for elk (hunters do have to have a state hunting license, but there is no elk license or tag.) There is also no currently recognized hunting season for elk in Texas, and can therefore be taken year-round. Elk are not native to Texas (other than the Guadalupe Mountains). They are currently considered an Exotic.

Michigan Bow Buck
November 4, 2005
This great whitetail, from Hillsdale County, was taken with a bow by Aaron Davis. It is reported to score around 221, which could put it in the top ten for Michigan if it accepted near that score. The current non-typical record for Michigan is 238-2/8. That buck was taken by Paul M. Mickey in 1976 in Bay County.

UPDATE: Aaron's great non-typical is in the process of being accepted this month. Final stats on this great buck: 225-7/8 B&C, 27-6/8" wide, 20 points (10x10), and 39-5/8" of abnormal points.
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