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Has anyone ever had a good expirence with this company? I ordered choke tubes- that were in stock - a month ago and still have not recieved them! I've seen other post on how bad their customer service is, I just would like to know if here is secret way of doing business with them? I am very happy with guns but if you cant get parts and support I'll trade them in on a Beretta or Browning.
B.C Outdoors is the distrubitor for Dr. Optics,Verona shotguns,PMC ammo.
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I found out they have been having problems with the web site for several weeks-one of my 2 orders was through the web. The other reason for the delay was they were doing inventory. Thats fine but it should not have taken me 3 phone calls and 4 weeks to find this out.In the end all worked out fine and Ill be shooting better- yea right- with the new tubes. Thanks for advice.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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