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Baikal Chokes

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I have a baikal auto and I was wondering if any one knew what style of chokes it uses? If I have to buy chokes for it or if they interchange like beretta and benelli do??
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I don't know about the auto, but the IZH27 O/U takes an invector type choke, if I'm not mistaken. I bought Skeet chokes from Trulock. You might check with them for your auto.

Hope this helps,
Have a look at they carry chokes for Baikal shotguns.

Go with Trulock and steer clear of Colonial. Trulock is a far superior choke.

On a personal note, I had a problem with a Colonial choke and 'ol Mac basically accuse me of lying when I told him the choke was definitly screwed in all the way.
After reading messages on this board, I chose to go with Trulock chokes for my Baikal. I have to say I am completely satisfied! Very nice product. They're a little more money, but well worth it IMO.

good luck.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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