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Ive just bought a Baikal IJ-27E-1C o/u 12g shotgun. It came with 2 sets of barrels. Think one set is 28 or 29inch, the other set is 26 or 27inch long.

It all seems in good condition, hasnt been used much and has quite a stiff break like a lot of people say about baikals.

Its fixed choke, and ejector.

Has anyone on here used one this model of baikal? Any opinions? Ive yet to try it out. I presume its an older version of the IZH27?!

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I have owned a baikal IJ-27E-1C for almost 15 years and have found it to be more than capable for all uses. I have been wildfowling, game and clay shooting with it and never have had any problems. It is'nt as refined as others but is sturdy and reliable. On a budget it's a great buy!

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i got IJ-27E since 1995
fixed chokes
Double Trigger
Selectable Ejectors

Pretty hard and reliable things.
but now its not in the same shape :-(
and i could n't find the Barrel

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