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I'm not much of a believer in things to good to be true. But if you're a Bank of America customer, you ought check out their webpage.

Why? They have a promotion called keep the change, right on their front page, if you have a savings acc't, checking acc't, and debit card, you can register for it. As I read it, any transaction you make, they'll round up the next whole dollar and add it to your savings account at the end of the day. :shock: For 3 months it a 100 percent match. After that 5%. I signed up, and will report back to see if it's a real deal. Just think, pay 23.45 for groceries, and you'd see .55 cents go to your savings account. Granted it does come from your checking, but for three months, they match 100 percent, there's some free cash, and the start of bettter savings habits. That could add up...

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