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Ravenanme said:
With this K80 being a used gun when purchased it has a #5 barrel hanger !
It patterns (with a Full choke ) at 30 yds 40/60 but I would like it to be 60/40
like the top barrel patterns !

So how would I determine what Hanger I need , to do this ?

Thanks for your help !
So to clarify: Right now your TOP bbl is 60/40 or center is ~ 3" HIGH at 30 yds, but your BOTTOM bbl is 40/60 or ~ 3" LOW at 30 yds?

Each hanger number changes Bot bbl POI ~ 3" relative to Top bbl, and smaller number will raise Bot relative to Top, so given what you've said, you'll likely need a #3 hanger.

There is a second option too: You mid bbl hanger is notched, and usually at it's relaxed or most "open" position, OR squeezed 1 notch together from the factory. (These can come off factory zero over the life of the barrel if folks change their direction to suit a different fore-end, or take it off to super clean the gun.) Each of these notches affects relative bbl POI by about 5". SO if yours is "squeezed" together at all, loosen the screw and relax it fully, then re-tighten and pattern again.

Note that either of these hanger adjustments may alter Top bbl POI slightly down from where it is now, and require a slight comb adjustment up to get them back to 60/40 -- but at least now bottom will follow.
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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