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First, on porting...neither is worth it. Ported barrels are loud and ported chokes are a pain to clean. The only thing that will be lessened is the amount of money in your wallet. Skip both ported barrels and ported chokes.

As for 30"/32" it's a personal choice. However, more important to figure into the equasion is the weight of the barrel. I own a gun with 32" barrels that are lighter than the 30" barrels that Browning puts on the Citori. So, find a gun with a balance that you like and go from there. If you find a 32" barrel gun that you like, the only advantage will come from shooting low gun. The barrel will extend further into your field of vision while mounting the gun and allow for a slightly more precise intial move on the target. Once the guns are mounted, you'll never tell the difference between a 30" and 32" gun beyond balance.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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