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The mood has struck for this dedicated pumper to purchase an inexpensive side by side for upland birds, small game, and farm use. I was wondering if the problem of misaligned barrels is present in the guns from companies like Stoeger, Huglu, Baikal, etc. I would also consider a used gun, but I don't know where to look, though I've heard older side by sides can be had for cheap, as long as they're not collector peices of course.

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(9/21/02 1:01:53 am)
Reply Re: Barrel Misalignment
I've never really heard of misalignment being a prevalent problem in modern shotguns, which isn't to say it doesn't happen occasionally..

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(9/21/02 1:49:06 am)
Reply Problems
Your main concern should be the quality of craftmanship used. Whether the barells are properly finished inside and out, whether the wood is of good quality and looks ok, whether the reciever is properly finished etc.
Most problems occur with the work of humans in the factory, rather than the general computer controlled machining.
Low wages do not atract good and loyal craftsmen.

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(9/21/02 4:25:46 am)
Re: Problems
i've never ran into a prob with barrel alignment, but i have run into shaky recievers and that is just as bad, it's easy to tell probs like that, if there is any mis-alignment they are hard to load, ejectors or extractors don't work properly, and you'll notice that the firing pin isn't hitting center, you won't see this on newer models very often if you ever do, but it's not that uncommon for an older model that been well used

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(9/21/02 9:27:05 pm)
Reply Surely
When I look over a few at a time, there is usually one or two that feels better built, but I have no way of checking bore alignment at the counter. I was concerned becuuse the article about the Bounty Hunter mentioned that one barrel shot some inches over and down from the other at 10 yards. Imagine that multiplied out 2 to 4 times for hunting ranges. Scary thought to have a gun that doesn't shoot where its pointed.
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