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I'm looking for a barrel for a model 11 made before 1920..the receiver looks to be in good condition but the barrel has a hole in the side the size of a quarter.
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Browning Made model 11 or Remington?

This guy has one of each
A "hole in the barrel the size of a quarter" is a total mechanical failure; I would be extremely careful with the receiver, and have a smith check it out before any other action.
Remington Model 11, and the gun is more of a keepsake than a working firearm.
the gun is more of a keepsake than a working firearm.
Please don't make a lamp out of it :D

Obscure reference to an obscure movie, anyone wanna guess?
Reply to Ag. Could the movie be The Great Out Doors?
jlptexashunter Wrote:

Browning Made model 11 or Remington?
I would take that site with a grain of salt...To my knowledge (but I could be wrong) there was/is no such thing as a 'Browning-Made' model 11...If anyone has any info to support the assertion that Browning ever made the model 11, I would be interested...Remington DID make the 'Browning A5' during WWII while Belgium was occupied by the Germans...

Also notice that on his site, he cross-references that those barrels "(Also Fits Savage 520/620/720/755)"...The Savage 520 and 620 are pump shotguns and trust me, the Model 11 and Savage autoloading barrels do NOT fit the pumps...That cross-reference list should read '(Also Fits Savage 720, 745, 755, 775 And Their Letter Variants)'...

I have also heard 'rumors' of a model 735 in there too, but I have never seen one and can not confirm that there is such an animal...
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