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Bayard 16 ga.

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I have a Bayard 16 gauge side by side shot gun. The barrels have some pitting and I am wondering if it would first be possible to have them sleeved, and secondly if the gun is worth doing it. The gun is nicely made and has wonderful balance. I would say that it rates with a middle priced LC Smith or Fox Sterlingworth.
Am I in the ball park or is the gun worth less? Does anybody know the approximate value of this piece. Also, the barrels are stamped Nitro II. I know that it has been fired with modern ammo without problems. The only serial number I can find on it is 10717. Can anyone tell me from this number when the gun was made. Any information on the gun would be appreciated.

Most Thanks,
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A 16 bore L C Smith or Fox Sterlingworth will go for $700 to $1800, the Bayard is more likely in the $400 to $800 range.. Bayard was a product if Pieper, Most of their guns sent to the U S were mid quality,, Sleeving runs in excess of $1200, and the finished gun would likely bring less than $1000 ,, It's hard to date the gun but probably 1900 to 1930 ..Bushrod
I receintly had a 10ga 1878 Colt SxS sleeved. The cost was $3200. I will never get the money out of it but it was Greatgrandfather's gun and it has beautiful damascus barrels and was sepcial ordered for him.
I have a 16ga Belgian had medium pitting in the barrels...had a smith ream/polish a lot of it out...still some in there but it looks a lot better...the smith said there was no problem shooting the gun the way it is, as it still has plenty of barrel wall smith bill under 100.............take your 16 in and have a good sxs smith give it a look...

BTW your gun should have proof marks on the barrel flats and the actions water table....shoud tell you chamber length, chokeing and proof pressure...
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