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LostGrouse said:
Thanks for the responses so far...I am not looking at how to shoot properly - and I am assuming a stationary target. So in other words, pertend we are aiming at a target attached to a tree - and you were trying to sight your gun in. So now, my question about the bead positioning is this:

If the shotgun were mounted on a tripod, and you were looking down the barrel with correct mount with cheek on stock and just seeing a bead with no rib. if you were trying to hit the exact center of the target, would the bead be blocking the center circle exactly - or , just down/south of there, since the bead is slightly higher than the barrel plane?

Thanks again
I think this may be more or less complicated than you are making out. First thing is, comparing it to mounting the gun on a tripod is not an effective example. If your gun fits you relatively well, when you bring it to your shoulder it should arrive in pretty much the same place each time. Sometimes, to help a shooter achieve the same position each time, a center bead will also be mounted on the rib. You line up the front bead so it is visually just above the center bead and you are good to go. Most shotguns do not have this, and with a decently fitted gun you really don't need it.

So, what you really need to do is study your own mount and see where the gun comes to your shoulder when you mount it. If you can achieve this consistently without modifying your gun, then mount it and shoot at a patterning board to see where the pattern is hitting. This will answer your question about whether the bird should be above the bead or whether you need to cover the bird with the muzzle to get a hit. If the latter is the case with your gun and your mount, then you should probably consider getting the gun better fitted to your body and shooting style. For clays I believe you want to be able to float the bird just above the bead. Otherwise, you will lose sight of the bird when you cover it with your barrel. The result of this will be a lot of missed birds. Hope this helps. Sorry, but there are no cut and dried answers to this sort of question. I also hope all this is accurate information. Anyone with more or different experience, feel free to correct me if I have any of this wrong.
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