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Bear Decoy for Hire

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Yesterday my hunting club was out in force posting signs on the perimiter of our property. I had this little swampy area to do by myself. I finished my sign detail and was heading back to my truck. It started raining and I was wearing this black hooded sweat shirt so I pulled the hood up over my head to try and stay dry.

I'm walking up this briar choked trail trying to clean it up with a machete. I look up and 20 yards away from me, walking accross the trail is a 200lb black bear. I'm not sure but I think it thought I was another bear. It looked at me, then tried to circle around behind me, the whole time staying around 20 yards away. At that point, after soiling my pants, I took the hood off my bald head and started beating down some more briars with the machete, while facing the bear. It finally walked away, in no hurry.

Most of the trip back to the truck was done while walking backwards! :lol:
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Sounds like you lost your sexappeal, should have left the top covered :lol:
:D :D You cannot have hair and brains. The reflection off the chrome dome is always a good thing!! :roll:
Sounds like you did not want to be a "bear expert". Maybe you should have tried to pet him??? :lol:
What? Jay we got bears. They just happen to be a tad south of us.
We gots all sorts of crazy game, from rabid ******** to green scaley lizards.
Did you not hear about the 12 foot aligator that came from a pond not too far from you? Was killed last year or the year before and the skull is over at my hunting buddies dad's house, as he was the game warden that took that ol t-rex outa the pool!
I've been blissfully ignorant of that for quite a few years , Rick. Thanks pal. :roll:
Jay G.
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