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If your going to reload for waterfowl you can get what you need at Ballistic Products at and Precision Reloading at They both have a wide selection. Some of their wads are the same but by different names, so check prices between the two.

I like using the Ponsness Warren 375 but a MEC 600 will do the job. The PW is around 300 and both places sell them.

Bismuth has been hard to come by this season as I understand the owner passed away. It is supposed to be avaiable soon though. Hevi is amazing stuff, but expensive, around 19 per pound.

Waterfowl loads are one of the few places that you can really save money in the 12 and 20 gauges by loading your own. It still depends on how many shells you use. Try this load calculator,

That will give you an idea if it will work for you. Also try Bucks Run for shot
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