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Ben Avery Clay Target Center / Review & Photos.

The Ben Avery Clay Target Center is located just north of Phoenix AZ. It's on Carefree Hyw. Just off of I-17. They've got trap, skeet, 5-stand and sporting clays. Next door at the handgun / rifle ranges they've got rifle ranges out to 1000 yards, handgun ranges, practical pistol bays, bench rest, metallic silhouette and more.

The sporting clays range is a mostly flat ¾ of a mile walking course through the desert. They have 15 stations, but at anytime you only shoot 10 of them. We shot 5 true pairs at each of the 10 stations. They had some challenging but fair presentations.

They also have a really nice AIR CONDITIONED club house. After shooting in the summer heat, you'll be glad they do. Yeah it was HOT, but since we're real men, we persevered. All in all it was a fun place with good targets and friendly people. As soon as November (cooler temps) rolls around, I'll be back.

Here's a link to more pictures:

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