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Benelli M2 or Winchester x2/x3 (3")

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I am looking to purchase my first semi-auto and have narrowed it down to two choices; Benelli M2 and the Winchester x2/x3 field in 3", both would be 26". It will be used as an all-around gun for hunting (duck, turkey, deer, etc.) and sport (skeet, trap, etc.).

I understand the difference in operation (gas vs inertia) between the two and like both. Both guns fit me properly. The possible difference in recoil is not an issue for me. The price seems to be about the same in the Raleigh, NC area.

My selection is coming down to a coin toss decision. Any info about making this choice will be greatly appreciated. I hope to buy the gun before Jan 08.
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My preference is: X2 over X3 and X3 over M2. But that's just me, based on fit, feel and finish. Since you sound satisfied with performance and fit for all of your possible choices, just pick which one is prettier, in your opinion. Or flip the coin.
I like the M2.

fine gun................. :wink:
I found a Win X2 (3") Synthetic with 26" Barrel, is $700 a reasonable price? I am having a difficult time finding one.
I'd pay that.
I would have to go with the X3. Haven't heard anyone complain about them. M2 is nice, but too light for my taste.
The Benelli M2 is 7.1 lbs and the Win X3 is 7 lbs. The Win X2 is the heaviest at 7.25 lbs.

I think my preference is to the X2 if I can find a deal on one. If not I will probably go with the Benelli.
The SX2 and SX3 are the same gun except the SX3 is lighter in weight, balances with more weight towards the stock, and has a thinner forearm.

The M2 and SX3 are both very good models for all around use and are well made and reliable designs.

The M2 is Inertia operated and the SX3 is Gas operated. The SX3 is easy to clean but the M2 is even easier. They both can go long periods between cleanings with the M2 having the edge. They weigh about the same as you already pointed out and balance with more weight towards the stock with the M2 having a little more. The M2 has an automatic magazine cutoff and the SX3 does not. The SX3 can be tricked into having one by pushing up slightly on the carrier while pulling back on the bolt. The round in the chamber will be ejected, the rounds in the magazine will be blocked, and the bolt will stay locked back. The both have shims to adjust the stock. The M2 has the soft comb that can be removed and a different height installed. They both have mid height ribs and safety buttons at the back of their trigger gaurds. The M2's is larger triangle shaped button. The SX3 holds five rounds total to the four for the M2. They both can take extensions to hold more. The SX3 has a top locking lug and the M2 has a rotary bolt face. The M2 is longer than the SX3 with the same barrel lengths because of this. The SX3 wil be better at cycling lighter loads. They both come in several finishes with the SX3 having the Dura Touch option. The SX3 has a larger bore diameter which tends to pattern hard non toxic loads better. The SX3 is quite a bit less expensive.

Try to hold both side by side with different barrel lengths. Pick to one you like the best.
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Thanks Worc.

I like the X2 a little more than the X3, but there is apparently only 1 Winchester dealer in the Raleigh, NC area. (Wish I was back in Michigan where there were plenty of gun shops) The only dealer that carries Winchester is wants 1109 for an X3 and 1149 for an M2. Another dealer wants 1049 for the M2. Odd that the Benelli is cheaper than the Winchester.

I also like the Dura-touch on the Winchester, it simply feels better in my hands.

Now its really a matter of which one I can get cheaper.
Hi Grandroyal,

I'm shopping in the Raleigh area too, and am interested in the exact same shotguns. The Urika is also on my list. Won't be buying until the spring though.

I haven't seen the SX3 yet. Where in Raleigh did you find one to look at?



PS) Froogle "Winchester X3" . Retail is lower than that price.

Even with shipping to my FFL and the $25 they charge to do the paperwork, that's still a good price, and they have 10 in stock.
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I found the SX3 at Davi's but it was the Camo version, which is not what I want. I believe the price was $1150. They have a 5% discount for cash purchases.

At any rate I may just have to go back to Michigan to by my guns. Even with $200 dollars in gas to travel it would be cheaper. :roll:
I'd look around for sources other than Raleigh. With the internet today you should be able to find better prices than that, even with shipping. I'd check Davidsons and gun broker for starters to get a bigger picture.
You may also want to include the Browning Gold line to your search. There is a $100 rebate with the purchase of any gold series shotgun which will probably bring the price down to the level of the Winchester line.
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