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Benelli M4 legal in CAL???

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Is the Benelli M4 legal to own in CAL??? I talked to a dealer, and he said yes, and with the adjustable stock but wants $1600
for it!!! And will it be legal in 2004 to purchase, if I do not purchase it this Year??? Thank for the help.
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When you say "adjustable stock" do you mean "collapsible"?

You may want to visit the Benelli web site at:

Note the MSRP of the M1014 is $1600 but the MSRP for the M4 is "$TBA" and "TBA in late 2003" I would not be suprised to see it upwards to $1600.

Also, it says "Note--civilian metal stocks are NOT collapsible",

Will it be legal to purchase in 2004? If it is legal now, unless things change, it will be legal in 2004.

To be sure if it is 'legal' now in CA, I would suggest you contact a CA FFL dealer, they will be the ones to transfer the gun to you and put THEIR FFL at risk if the gun is not CA legal. CA FFLs are very familiar with the CA state definition of "assult weapons".

Good luck.
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On Target Shooting in Laguna Niguel have two of them, and they told me they recently were notified by the DoJ that they cannot sell them.

Call them at 949-348-0352 to make sure. They should know.
Okay here is the deal as I understand it...

The AG of Kaliforniastan has scrutinzed the stock of the M1014 which allows you to adjust it in about 1". Because of this fact the AG might very well consider it "Collapsible", and therefore deem it an "Assault Weapon." To save themselves of all the hassle Benelli has decided to no longer ship any M1014s or M4s with the skeletonized stock, They will sell the M4s with the standard stock and regular pistol grip stock and will replace the M1014 stocks that have the skeletonized stock for free. Personally I like my stock and have no intention of exchanging it.
I own a 1014 super 90 and bought it in cali about a month ago. the dealer can sell you a 2 shot extention but legally you cannot put them on I recieved a normal pistol grip stock instead of collapsable "clone" stock. great gun, very quick and accurate. I took it to the range and consistantly hit small groups (head shots) at 25 yards without a scope. with buckshot i was able to empty the gun (5 rounds) in under a second on target (15 yards) I do recomend checking out leupolds close quarter/tactical scope as i have one and works great, looks cool, very rugged and will illuminate. (3x) very pleased with my shotgun and highly recommend. in my belief, benelli has made the best tactcal shotgun in the world
...Are you sure? There is no law on the books that says the 2 shot extension cannot be added to the M1014. The M1 Super 90 has a 2 or 3 shot extension and it is perfectly legal.....The M4 is legal in Cali....there is no official law on the books because the skeletonized stock is still a "fuzy" area with the AG. I got mine, M1014 $1299.00 out the door!!!

Title 18 USC section 921 a (30)(D) defines a semi-auto shotgun as a semi-auto assault weapon if it has two or more of the following characteristics:

1. Fixed magazine capacity exceeding five rounds
2. Telescoping or folding stock
3. Pistol grip that protrudes conspicously beneath the action of the weapon
4. Capable of accepting a detachable magazine

Depending on which configuration of the M1014 (it has a pistol grip and in most cases a five shot magazine) you have, putting a two-shot extension on it could make it a semi-auto assault weapon and, therefore, make it illegal to own anywhere.
Please forgive me but, I just do not believe you shot 5 rounds of buckshot in under 1 second. Does anybody think this is possible??
Was there ever a definite answer to the skeleton stock being CA legal? I really would like to get one, or even buy a CA legal M4 and attach a skeleton stock, if I could ever find one.
Please forgive me but, I just do not believe you shot 5 rounds of buckshot in under 1 second. Does anybody think this is possible??
I used to shoot steel plates - my best time is 5 plates in 1.7 second using a shot timer

my fastest time cycling 11 rounds through a Remington 1100 Open Class Shotgun is under 4 seconds

I think 5 rounds in one second is a a strechhhhhh.
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