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Benelli Montefeltro review

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Hi guys,
Yesterday I got my Benelli Montefeltro, and I decided today to take it to shooting range to se how it handles. It is a 12 ga, 3", 28" barrel, wood. Monte fits me perfect like a glove, swings very nice and smooth, evenly balanced gun. I love it; I and my two sons shoot 8 boxes of 25 through it and no any problems very nice gun. Recoil of the gun is almost like when you shoot air gun. On the range I asked gentlemen to explain to us how to shoot and what rules they have, he was very nice guy and did what he suppose to do. We had a lot of fun and we are going soon again. I missed couple of clays (military background) :wink: everybody was amazed how beginner can shoot so good. :lol:
I would suggest Benelli shotgun to everybody, great gun for a price of $ 900.00 and some other goodies in CA.
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Congratulations on your Montefeltro. They are great guns. I have a Montefeltro Silver in 20 gauge and love it and you are right they do fit like a glove.

I love my Monte I opted for the 20ga. 26" for upland hunting and no regrets at all, I love it so much that I'm selling my 11-87 remi in 12 ga. so I can buy the gun you just bought.
My son is 9 and he shoots it well, Great gun to own you will be happy with it for a long time
I have a nearly new Monte 20 ga. I'm not shooting it as well as my 20 ga. o/u. Will sell for $800 with chokes and full as new package.

p.m. me if interested
or e-mail off-line to [email protected]
This is particularly helpful to those folks looking for info:

aiken said:
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