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I am looking to get the Montefeltro in the 28". This gun will be in left hand. This is the standard stock Benelli Montefeltro in left hand.

Now, I have two prices from the dealers here that can get Benelli for me. One is for $889 plus evil 6 percent tax. So that roughly equals $950 OTD (out the door). The other dealer has a price $840 plus evil 6 percent tax. That is roughly $900 OTD. Are these prices on par with the rest of the nation?

The question being, how much can I talk each one down to? I thinking about going into each other's shops with business cards from the other dealer with written down prices which are lower than theirs, (by me, of course :wink:) to see if I can get them down. I did this with the TV and it worked very well. Saved $300 on the TV. How much room do you think is here, $100-$200? I don't know Benelli's wholesale price, but IIRC Beretta (sister company) starts at $400-$500. So I would imagine it is the same and there is some room on price.

If you know the wholesale price or have gotten dealers down on these prices please chime in.

I have looked on gunbroker, etc. by the time I pay shipping and the fees I cannot come out to beat these prices (the $840 one at least). This is for NIB as I cannot find a 98% condition Benelli in left hand. If you know of one I may be open for that as well. The best I have seen is $790 from CDNN Investments so I think I could take the dealer down maybe to $750-770 OTD.

Thansk in advance for your help.


I like your thinking but good luck. I paid $900 for a right hand model over a year ago. The Benelli's seem to occupy an unusual spot on the shotgun hierarchy and are definitely not a mass market gun. The good news is that they're worth every penny. IMHO, the operating mechanism is far superior to a gas gun in terms of reliability and ease of maintenance.
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