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After browsing over shotguns for the past month I decided on the durable, reliant, and non-picky(2 3/4 to 3 1/2) Benelli Nova( synthetic black)(28" Barrel). My mother purchased it for me for christmas but I got to go actually pick it up and put it under my name. Some questions about this beautiful firearm.

1. Will it be ok sitting in the box for a month in a half until the 25th(took it out to show it to my grandmother)?

2. I plan on getting a magazine extender for it, does benelli make one for it?, if not whats a good brand?

3. I am debating over getting a recoil reducer/compensator for it... question is... do I need the 80$(give or take) bracket and Mercury recoil weight sold by benelli or is there a cheaper alternative to get a similar effect?

4. The barrel feels different then my .410 mossberg, I was wondering does it have some sort of weather resilient coating on it?

5. What choke that it comes with should I use for skeet/trap?

Thanks, and I am Happy to join the world of Benelli. :)
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