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I think these are apples and oranges.
While the Mossberg is a fine gun it's, in my opinion, a first timers type of gun, I'd throw the 870 Express, Ford Fiesta, Dodge Omni, Chevy S-10, VW Beetle, Lord Calvert Whiskey, and Generic Beer into this same lot. While all will get the job done, they are inexpensive and great for getting where you want to go but not necessarily doing it in style.

The Benelli Nova is of a different class of shotgun. This is one that will probably, even with harsh abuse, last a lifetime. This is like a International Harvester Travelall or Toyota Landcruiser or Jack Daniels, and Wingmasters. Kind of pretty, utilitarian, built for grown-ups and will stand the test of time with some style.

Just my 2 cents.
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