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Zip, a couple of questions here:

If the gun is for 'general practice at the range', why would you want to pay the extra for the marine model? The marine (stainless steel) is usually for extensive use around salt water enviorns. For what you want it for, it is a waste of $.

If the guns is again, for (see above), the 6+1 capacity is totally irrevelent and not consistent with yor stated use.

Both guns are fine relaible shotguns. However, if you are leaning to the 870 FOR THE STATED REASONS, there is no need to pay the additional $ for it. Unless you just think they are 'cool' and want to spend $200 on cool--which is OK, it is your $.

There may be other reasons to buy the 870, but, based on what you have said, keep the extra $ and buy the Nova.

Good luck and most of all, have fun.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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