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Benelli Sport II?

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I am considering buying a Benelli Sport II, to use for skeet shooting. I am just shooting for fun, no competition. I was wondering if anyone has this gun, what they think of it and their opinions on it? Thanks.
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pigeonhunter said:
If you want a cryo-treated barrel go here
they'll cryo-treat your barrel for you. A Benelli is not a "step-up" they are great guns but just trick your Beretta out.
You can also buy a shorter barrel for skeet but it really doesn't make a diffrence if you shoot with a pre-mounted gun. If you shoot with a pre-mounted gun then you could easily shoot skeet with 34'' barrels.
I am sorry but I have to strongly disagree. Trying to shoot station 8 with a 34" barrel would be foolish. All the 10,000's of skeet guns that are 26" barrels are bought for a good reason--fast moving close up targets. Sure a 28" is fine and plentiful but rarely will you find a serious skeet competitor with a 30".
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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