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Benelli Sport II?

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I am considering buying a Benelli Sport II, to use for skeet shooting. I am just shooting for fun, no competition. I was wondering if anyone has this gun, what they think of it and their opinions on it? Thanks.
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I have a Beretta AL391 Urika Optima, but I am looking for a step up. I also use a Beretta 686 Onyx 12GA O/U. I thought the Sport II would be a step up with it's cryo treated barrel. Also is a 26'' barrel better for skeet, or a 28'' barrel. I have been buying guns with 26'' barrels. Also will I break more clays with a cylinder choke or a skeet choke? Thanks.
Thanks for the help, you have pointed me in the right direction. Can you tell me some other things I can get done to my Beretta's to trick them out? Thanks for the help.
What is Barrel Porting, Backboring, and having the forcing cone lengthend? Thanks.
Thanks for the help. I am trying to find a good gunsmith in St. Louis Missouri, but I probably just need to look in the phonebook. I will probably just get stuff done to the shotguns I have now. I will look into getting the forcing cone lengthend and polished, porting, and the cryo freezing thing.
It's $75 at 300below, that's not that much, plus it seems worth it to me. They say it's easier to clean and patterns are better, this will help in skeet and when I go hunting. I might have it done to my pistol and maybe my rifle if it seems to help.
1 - 6 of 15 Posts
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