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I got my SBE a couple of years ago and I have throughly enjoyed the gun. I bought it to do everyting from duck hunt to shoot sporting clays. I like the balance and weight of the gun, plus it is very streamline feeling. I know some guns feel heavy and bulky like holding a stick of pulpwood but not the SBE. The only con I have about the gun is that it will not eject light target loads very well and on the other end, it is a little harder on the recoil than a gas operated gun especially the 3 1/2" duck and goose loads. Other than that, I am very happy with the gun.

Just got a new SBE, black synthetic. Broke 98 of 100 skeet clays first time out, IC choke, with Federal Game Loads of 3 1/4 dram equiv., 1 oz. #8 shot, 1290fps.... in bulk pack of 150 shells for $18, or $3/box equivalent. Gun functioned flawlessly. The balance of the gun is perfect, and the extra long receiver and loading opening makes it easy and quick to load. Have ordered a truglo titan adjustable (IC>F) choke and truglo wingmaster front sight from Cabela's. Always wanted to be able to adjust a choke quickly on the dove field, and sporting clays course, depending on flight patterns, e.g. high or low, near or far. I'll let you know how it works... will compare with fixed chokes on a patterning board.
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