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Benelli SuperSport vs. Beretta 391 Teknys Gold Sporting

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I have shot skeet and sporting clays some this summer and really have gotten into it. I really enjoy it and have a blast. I want to get a little better gun I have a huglu now that is a field gun and I was looking at the Benelli Supersport or the 391 Gold Sport . I was just wonder what your choice is between the two guns. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks Alot
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crazyhair said:
the 391 will take longer to clean and its way more complex.
True but in return you get a gun that will reliably handle 7/8 ounce loads and not kick the snot out of you when using 3" shells. The same cannot be said of the Benelli even with the plastic magic stock.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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