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Benelli SuperSport vs. Beretta 391 Teknys Gold Sporting

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I have shot skeet and sporting clays some this summer and really have gotten into it. I really enjoy it and have a blast. I want to get a little better gun I have a huglu now that is a field gun and I was looking at the Benelli Supersport or the 391 Gold Sport . I was just wonder what your choice is between the two guns. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks Alot
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I have a little experience with the 391 endcap, and IF you decide to go with the 391 here is some free advice. (It's worth what you paid for it.) :lol:

You can use the VersaChem hi-temp anti seize on the threads, that will work.
Or you can send your cap to Angle Port, and they will put some good parts in it and that will fix the problem as well.
Or, if you want some weight out front, get a recoil reducing endcap.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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