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Benelli SuperSport vs. Beretta 391 Teknys Gold Sporting

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I have shot skeet and sporting clays some this summer and really have gotten into it. I really enjoy it and have a blast. I want to get a little better gun I have a huglu now that is a field gun and I was looking at the Benelli Supersport or the 391 Gold Sport . I was just wonder what your choice is between the two guns. Any opinions would be helpful. Thanks Alot
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I like both of them a lot. I've got the 391 Teknys Gold Trap and love it. It's not terrible to clean but it's still on another level than the Benelli. The Beretta's magazine cap will freeze up if you don't pull it off right after you get done shooting and you'll have to use channel-locks to get it off, thus screwing the grip threads on it. However, the 391 is really slick. It's got to be one of the 2 best autos ever (the benelli being the other). I prefer the Beretta over the Benelli because it fits me better though. If you get the Beretta pick up an Angleport endcap that won't lock up with it.

The Benelli will kick worse, but I don't notice it. It'll also be easier to clean because it's not gas operated plus you can pull the receiver apart in a way you can't pull the Beretta apart. The Benelli is also lighter, which can be good or bad, depending on you. I traded a 391 for a Sport II yesterday. I won the 391 with the 391 Teknys Gold Trap I'm using now. I haven't had a chance to shoot my Sport II yet, but I've shot my friend's and I like it a lot.

They both come with 5 extended chokes and shoot smoothly. More people use Berettas but that doesn't really mean anything. It just depends on what you like. They're priced about the same as well. Both of them will smash a target if you hold it to it. Decide what you like the best. Maybe you should look at the 391 Gold Trap too though :D
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Oh yea, I almost forgot. . . . The Beretta smells REALLY GOOD. lol. Something about that finish. . . .
My Beretta did do that :D. I just put oil in it occasionally, on the bolt you know? I didn't know how to clean my first one correctly and I just put oil in it. lol.
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