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Hello there silversport I`ll see if I can help you out on your question. Now to the point yes for all intense and purposes they are one in the samn even though they look different and have different company names and different model numbers and all that.They both use the inertia recoil rotary bolt operation principal so both use very few parts to get the job done.Now since Beretta owns both if you have noticed it looks like either Beretta has quit makming new 1201`s to just stick with the Benelli M-1 super 90 series or maybe thye are still making the 1201s but on a more limited situation and just not putting as much energy into the 1201`s since they do have the Benelli line of home defense / military/ law enforcement style of shotguns to keep them busy .
In fact if you go to the Beretta defense web site and it is spelled like this and if of coarse you read in english click on the english version and go into their site there you will see that Beretta handles Franchi as well.The models of Franchi combat shotguns they sell are the 612 semi auto defense model and their PA 8 E pump action shotgun . Now you do`nt see a lot of thoes here in America but now especially the PA 8 is a good enough and reliable shotgun that it is popular and sells pretty well over in europe and is used quite often over there.Now the 612 Im` not for sure on but beleive it is used quite a bit too just not for sure though on how much it is used or not used.
Now of coarse they might handle some other models of combat style shotguns from Franchi as well and from some others it`s was just these that they showed examples of and these that I have heard of . Now I do know that the PA 8 or a version there of does come in like a smaller version aka a whipet model like what you could hide under a jacket that sort of short size if you know what I mean. Anyways sorry for the long reply but hope this helps you some.
Well hope you and all the other fellow Shotgun World members and visitors have a good day catch yall all later.......
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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