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I bought a 1301 for IPSC PRACTICAL SHOTGUN. It's a great gun and looks terrific. During practice sessions it performs without a flaw. I was using plastic-wad shells and my own slug shells. All these ejected without a flaw. At a recent competition though, where we had to use fibre-wad, I had lots of failure to eject. It took me by surprise as it didn't happen before. However, on the slug range it happened again. So I can't really blame the fibre wad. The gun wasn't pristine clean but in reasonable order as the gun is new. My own theory is that I wasn't shouldering the gun tight enough, but as I'm shooting semiauto shotguns for many years, I can't really credit this. It was my first IPSC competition though.

1301 with a Nordic extension but with the original Spring fitted not the extended Nordic Spring. The original Spring worked fine while shooting pigeons.

There's a lot in there, I know, but has anyone a thought on what might be happening?
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