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Beretta 303?

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Hey everyone,
If you remember my earlier threads, I was thinking about buying a beretta 391 or something for under a grand. Well I just got a job at my local trap range, and it's awesome. I have seen some great deals out there as far as used shotguns go.So I have been thinking of buying a used shot gun since I would be able to try it out before I buy. There is one out there right now,
its a beretta 303,
Adjustable Comb, something else is adjustable (i forgot what, maybe stock?), some choke tubes, 32 or 30 inch barrel, and some other goodies, for only $500. So I was wondering what your guy's opinion is on buying used or maybe the beretta 303?
If I did get it, I would have enough money to buy Remington Marine Magnum for home protection and having a blast at the range with it.
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If you don't know what my other threads were, they were under "Vi String Slinger" and "keaja". I dont get it, it won't let me login, and it won't send me a password. Lol maybe i'm messed up but im having problems logging in.
The 303 came before the 390/391's. They were made to shoot the heavier loads and may not cycle the 7/8 el-cheapo shells unless the gas ports have been opened.

The bolt braces are known for breakage but arent any problem to change and the forend may be loose feeling.

These are a gas powered semi so keeping those ports and pistons clean is important for reliable function.

Sounds like a pretty good deal on the gun.
Hey thanks for that great info about the gas port! I will ask this guy how the gun cycles with our target loads, and Ill keep my out for other guns too!
About the A303... it was introduced around 1985. the A304 came out around 1992 so that should give you an idea of the years that it was produced.

My book says that the 303 had the same general details as an A302 except with a trigger assembly that is easily removed by taking out a single pin. Also, the 303 was "machined and fabricated entirely of high strength steel (as opposed to typical mild steel stamping)".

If you like the price and condition of the gun, then I say go for it!
Hey how do you guys feel about the Benelii Nova?
I like the Nova. Good price for a quality firearm.

Seems the big detractions are that it has a different look and has a longer stroke that can cause some problems with stove piping for those that are used to using say a 500 or an 870.
Hey Guys,
Just a quick question,
I am thinking about buying a Remington 870 Marine Magnum with an 18 inch barrel for Utility reasons, mostly tactical. I was wondering, would it be possible to achieve some success with it out at the 5stand or trap ranges? Lol I know its not ideal but it seems like it would be a blast to shoot.
This wouldnt mean I wouldnt buy a used gun or anything, this just might be a new member to the family.
with a 18" barrel on a trap range people will laugh at you (well the cruel evil trapshooters will). and most remingtons don't shoot high so if the targets are high one day, you aren't going to be able to swing to them fast enough. B/T/W what happened to wanting the 303?
Although success will be a personal determination I have seen a police officer use his service shotgun on the skeet range and he breaks 20s consistently.

Due to the open choke of a typical tactical shotgun I would not expect consistent breaks at trap or 5 stand unless you swapped to a different barrel or if equiped, tighter chokes.
XT Babe,
Well If I do buy a semi-automatic, I think I would definetley buy it new, just because there are so many parts to break on them, that I would want one near the beginning of its life, not the end lol.
I would buy a semi-auto, but its just that, so many parts to break. Its a tough decision lol.
I would buy that 870 marine magnum for home defense, but I allready have a mossberg 500 combo so that might just be waisting my money.
I'm going over to the gun shop today to look around at them.
XT Babe said:
. . .and most remingtons don't shoot high so if the targets are high one day, you aren't going to be able to swing to them fast enough.

I have a Beretta 303 20ga. Just beginning some research into
12ga. What does "remingtons don't shoot high" mean? Are
they difficult to bring up for high, over-head targets? Due
to weight? Some other factor?

Thank you,
The 303 in my mind the greatest Beretta autoloader ever made. I have 4 of them and keep looking for more. Three of the four are sporters and one is an upland model..
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