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Beretta 390 or Franchi I-12

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Got into skeet shooting over the last year and am ready to buy an auto loader, have a cheap O/U 20ga Condor that I have been using that I bought from a buddy. My options are a Beretta 390 or a Franchi I-12. I can get the Franchi now, but I would have to wait for 390 until after the holidays. I have fired both before. The Franchi to me fires smother, and the Beretta is lighter, both are going for the same price. I havent heard to much about a Franchi. How do they compare?

thank you
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Beretta owns Franchi, so you really can't go wrong. The Franchi is styled more like a Benelli, which is also owned by Beretta.

I'd say if you like the Franchi go for it. Personally I'd spend the extra money and get the Franchi I-12 Limited. If money is no object, that is.

That said, take a look at the Benelli Montefeltro Silver. Now that's how a fine gun should look.
I decided to go with the Franchi I-12 synthetic, just got home with it. Military dosent pay enough to buy the real pretty stuff. Im taking it to the range tomorrow to see how it goes.

thanks for the advice
Wow, that was a fast choice. congrats on your purchase.
where can u buy franchi shotguns? gander mt. doesnt have them and a local gun store where i live doesnt carry them either... does dicks have them?
I got my Franchi 720 Diamond at Dick's. Gander also carries them you may have to have one ordered in. I found that Franchi makes models exclusively for Dick's. The Diamond looks like the 720 competition with etched receiver and no porting on the brl. Gander can get the Franchi line because they sell Benelli. The Gander by my house had to order it in. I went with the Dick's model 720 because for the price it looks a lot better then the plane model.
Fired my I-12 today, recoil was very light, and I had no failures through out the 100 rounds put through it. It was very easy to clean and I am very satisfied with it. I will be going to the skeet range next week to see how it goes.
I had a Benelli and i hated it. I just could not hit a thing with it and it kicked like a mule. I would go with the Baretta as Franchi and Benelli are so much alike.
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