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Hi Tac,

I have owned and tested many of the guns you are considering. I started with the Beretta 390 and then a 391.

I then tried a Benelli SBE II, and the Ultra Light and a M2. I bought ALL of the combs and recoil pads and I know how to use the shims as I do a lot of gunsmith work and am a FFL dealer. I just couldn't make the Benelli guns work as well for me as the Beretta so I have gone back to a 391.

One of the main differences is the Benelli has a longer reach from the pistol grip to the trigger and it doesn't fit my hand. Check that at a store or with a friends gun, I think the pistol grip is set farther back on the stock of the Benelli also. I have owned and tried so many guns that little things start to become important to me. It's a comfort and ease of shooting dimension of shotgunning for me.

I wouldn't worry about the cleaning aspect, you only have to clean a 391 1 or 2 times a year. Whether you can hit the target easily with your chosen gun is the thing to strive for, I think.

Here's an idea you might want to investigate. I have a Burris Speed Bead red dot on my 391. It mounts very low on the receiver and is super fast to shoot with. Take a look at the Burris site to see how the mount fits between the stock and receiver.

I think the Benelli is a fine gun and it's record in harsh conditions is great. I just can't get it to work for me, maybe you can, many others just love them. I really like their higher rib, if the rest of the gun had fit me I probably would have kept shooting the Benelli.

The folks that advised you to check out your stock shim are right. Try a shim that will raise the rear of the stock, that will bring up the comb so you can't get low enough to not be looking down the rib.

Good luck figuring this out, as you can tell it took me many tries.

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