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takdriver said:
Here's a Ford vs Chevy question that was also asked on here:

Which action is better, more popular, more reliable?

Looking to buy an M2. Should I do it?
More popular for what use? If you are talking about clay shooting,well, Beretta`s are the most popular clay guns. Benelli`s are not clay target guns,no matter how hard they try to convince you of it. The Beretta is quite reliable. I know for a fact that there are Dove outfitters who use the 391`s as house guns for customers to use. Dove hunting in Argentina for instance can require a couple of thousand shots in a couple of days. A gas operated gun is what you want,unless your shoulder is made of steel. The Benelli will obviously function longer between cleanings,no gas system. Where the Benelli really shines,is in its ability to shoot in very "wet" conditions,which the Beretta does not like at all. Just a note,I shoot all my gas operated autos "WET". I don`t mean wet as in water,I mean as in Breakfree CLP. I slather that stuff on the whole gas system,let it drain off,and go shooting. It keeps all that burnt powder in suspension,making cleaning the gun super easy. When the gun starts the hiccups,I just spray more CLP on,and it shoots like I just cleaned the whole gun again. Amazing stuff.
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