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Beretta 682 Gold E Trap as all around gun?

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I have shouldered quite of few new shotguns. I will not be getting any of the Brownings. I don't want a ported barrel and the only ones that come with adjustable combs are ported. I prefer the Beretta lockup. Out of the Beretta guns, the Gold E Trap with adjustable comb fit great. I didn't even adjust the comb at all, so with a little tweaking of the LOP and maybe the thicker recoil pad, I should be good to go. The salesperson wasn't sure what the above/below shot distribution would be. 60/40? 70/30? Anyway, he was recommending this as a good all-around gun that would fair well on sporting clays and skeet.
I do like the idea of having an extra single barrel as an option and the 30" O/U felt good. The 34" extra barrel would be a nice complement. I was told that the 20 gauge extra Beretta barrels would fit this 682 since they have the same receiver. I will not be having an opportunity to shoot the 682 as no one has them that I know.
Since this guns fits well, would I do better with it on sporting clays, trap and skeet compared to a sporting / skeet model that doesn't fit as well? Also, for an additional $750, would the extra 34" single be a good option. I am also thinking of resale with regards to the extra barrel. Would make this gun more desirable or just too much of a niche gun?
Please shed your light on my situation and do tell what you kinds folks would do. I do want to spend a few dollars on a nice gun but don't want to bury too much in one that I will take a loss on if / when the time comes to sell. Thanks in advance.
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