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i have been offered a o/u 28" 12g Beretta 686 SilverPigeon m/c in what looks like perfect condition for £695
i have looked at other 686 berettas in adverts and they are all about the same price.
i was also offered a 687 silverpigeon for £750 but i didnt like it as much. i will hopefully be trying out the 686 on next saturday at the clay shoot.
Is this a good buy?
I have been told by everyone that semi-autos are not as good as o/u and i personally think that o/u's look better and its personal opinion that mostly count i suppose.
anyone else got a good point about 686's and bits to look out for?


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not sure what the pound is at today but I figure around 1100$
correct me if I'm wrong. aside from the exchange rates that is an exceptional price fo a 686 in m/c a 686 in mediocre
conditon go for around 950-1150 and in m/c 1400$ or 875 pounds with around 1050 being the avreage for mediocre . so in pounds it should be around 593-718. that sounds like a great price for one in m/c.also I'm not to sure about the rates so consult a paper or a more reliable source for the current exchange rates.

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yes that is a good buy. I bought a 686 Essential 2 years ago for $1200 australian and its a beauty, 5 chokes 28" barrels and i love it.
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