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Beretta AL391 Teknys Gold Sporting

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I am trying to purchase two shotguns for my boys who are 16 and 20 years old. The guns will be used for hunting, skeet and sporting clays. They want the Beretta Al391 Sporting Gold in 28" barrel length. I want them to have a top quality gun they will keep for there life time. Beretta AL391 Sporting Gold with Blue label in 28" is my choose because it 7.7 lbs. and real sellect top grade walnut. Please comment
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If you now what gun fit is then you know what I mean when I say buy a gun that fits.Otherwise than that the Beretta is a good low recoiling gun.
Sounds like a good choice to me. You might also consider the Remington 1100/1187 due to longevity of design and manufacture. Remington has been making the 1100 for about 40+ years and show no signs of stopping. Beretta, OTOH, has been making the 391 about 3 years and has already brought out a new model (the 391 Optima). As far as I know, most of the parts are interchangeable between the two guns, but how long will it be before Beretta decides to bring out a completely new and "improved" version which doesn't have interchangeable parts? :?: It might be another 3 to 4 years (just a guess). Of course, that wouldn't stop your kids from keeping their guns for a lifetime, but they just might not be able to get replacement parts for them in another 8 or 10 years. But then again, any of us might step in front of a concrete truck tomorrow and what occurs after that is irrelevant, so perhaps it's best not to worry about what might happen 10 to 40 years from now. Buy them something they like and will enjoy for the present time. The Beretta 391 (or Optima) certainly is a good choice.
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I have the 391 urika with 30inch barrel, it weighs 7.4lb. I personally am very impressed with this gun. I have only been shooting for a couple months, and this weekend got 22/25 on the skeet, and 40/56 on (what has been descibed by the local pro`s as a very hard) sporting course.

But, as someone else says, see what. My brother tried my 391 on Sunday and couldnt hit anything, and he felt more recoil from it than a o/u. He tried a mates o/u and it was a much much better fit for him with less felt recoil. I was the other way around!
The Beretta Al391 Sporting Gold weighs 7.8 lbs. which is one reason I'm looking at this expensive shotgun. The standard shotguns are from .5 - 1 lbs. lighter - recoil. Two boys, two shotguns - ouch$! They are shooting my old 20 & 12 gage remington 1100's with modified chokes for hunting, sheet and sporting clay.
Akin said:
...and real sellect top grade walnut. Please comment
You know that teknys has "painted" stocks to make them look like finer walnut? cant remember what they call it, but it's supposed to look real nice...
The wood finish is called "X-Tra" wood and is basically a veneeer of some sort, but it does look good and is supposed to be pretty tough. I just picked up the 391 Optima gold sporting and can't wait to shoot it. It looks good and feels good and as soon as I shoot it this weekend I can tell you how it shoots. I've heard nothing but positive opinions on this gun though so I don't think you can go wrong.
Do you know if the premium AL391 Teknsy Gold Sporting with the blue label has X-tra wood or sellect walnut? How much did you pay for yours? I have not seen the shotgun but for $1500.00 retail it had to think about veneer.
By looking at the picture on Beretta's website I would have to say, no it doesn't have the X-tra wood finish. But I haven't seen one up close so I can't say for sure. The onyx pro has it, and you can see the difference on the website vs. the technys gold sporting. I got the Urika gold sporting optima and it has the walnut. Paid about $900.
Just purchased a AL391 Teknys Gold Sporting for sporting clays. It has the select walnut stock on it. I was able to find it at Benton Shooter's for $1299.00. GREAT gun. Fit and finish are wonderful and it shoots very well. I highly recommend it.
I bought the AL 391 Optima a few weeks ago and have about 500 rds thru it.
It bye far is the softest shooting out of the box 12 Ga I have ever shot.
The Optima barrel is 5" long forcing cones, extended choke tubes, and over bored. I did add 10 oz in the stock and 8 oz in front of the forend aslo.

I also have a 1187 I use to hunt with from Ducks to Deer, for 10 years + and can't say enough good things about it. It does tend to kick a little more than the Berreta but no big deal.

Three most importaint tips: Gun Fit, Gun Fit, Gun Fit!!!!!!!
If it fits good it will shoot good...

Good Luck
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I'm looking to pick up a Teknys in 20ga. Hopefully it'll prove to be a good gun. I'm not sure if the xtrawood is a veneer or not, but I can tell you I was reading an old gunsmithing book the other day and it's funny how durable some modern finishes are compared to the 'old way' of doing things. Nothing wrong with the old way and an actual hand-rubbed linseed on a french or english walnut stock is still the best, but I didn't mind the teknys' finish at all.

Look for ZAR faux-wood stain and read the directions, or one of those 'marblizer' kits you can get for your bathroom / windows / pretty much anything solid. It looks like the same kind of application. If it's veneer its a neat trick, and some thick stuff because if you think about it, the pattern does run into the checkering...
Beware of the djustable rib coming loose on the Teknys Gold Sporting. I have seen lots of threads on other boards stating that the non-metalic rib is flawed.

I would go with the regular beretta 391 Optima sporting in 28" barrel. Go anywhere, do anything gun. The Rem 1100 is the better of the Rem autos IMHO. Good luck.
I'll have to check to see if the rib's metal or not on the Teknys (standard). I'm not interested in the clays model.
I purchased my Beretta AL391 12g 28" Teknys Gold Sporting Edition (Blue Ceramic) with real walnut stock.

You have an option for wood or the "wood x-tra" the difference is that the real wood is just that REAL wood with a nice polish finish. THe "x-tra wood" is a cheaper walnut stock with less pretty pattern, then they factory dip it like they do to pattern a synthetic stock. THe dipping adds the appearance of a nicer qwuality wood stock, without the price for the higher value wood. THe difference is then then dip coat the xtra in multiple layers of a thick clear varnish on it. Its a resin that hardens the hell out of the finishing coat. Making it less chip and scratchable.

I personally perfer the real wood look. Depends on what you want to shoot with it. Might not want to drag your pretty gun through thick brush while dragging a deer.

I paid about $1244 for mine. 28" 12g, real wood.

You shouldn't have to pay more that $1250 + tax

Good luck!
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I got my Teknys Saturday. I think the finish is neat, and I really don't care what's underneath as long as it doesn't shatter on me. It could be plastic for all I care (heck the trigger guard is).

To me the X-Tra wood coupled with the silver reciever makes a nice combination. You have to go to the Gold Teknys to get the option of a nicer wood blank. Frankly I like the standard's reciever better, and the wood on the Gold isn't worth hooting about... soo... standard it was. Don't get me wrong, it's a darn nice gun, just not my style. If the gun had been done up in camo I'd have still bought it.
Just bringing up a old post. Look how the prices have jumped up on the Beretta Teknys Gold Sporting. It's hard to find one around $1700 today.
The standard Teknys field gun comes with the Xtra wood. If it has extra wood it willl say Xtra Wood on the pistol grip. The Xtra finish kinda looks like it has chocolate swirls in it and if you ask me it looks very nice (I have one). The finish tends to rub off after prolonged use though. It's coming off right below the trigger guard on mine because of where my finger is rubbing it. However, Beretta will redip it for you if you send it back to them (It may be a while before you get it back though). The standard Teknys does have real wood on it, just a very different finish. They dip it and heat it. The heat causes the finish to shrink to the stock. It's a very good gun.

The Teknys Gold field, Teknys Gold Sporting, and the Teknys Gold Trap all have real finish on them and high grade wood. This finish isn't about to rub off. They all come with various engravings and the Sporting and Trap guns both have mercury recoil reducers in the stock. I just purchased the Gold Trap from Angleport last week. It's very nice. I needed a bigger gun than the standard Teknys because my head doesn't even touch the stock when I mount it where I need to be mounting. I got the Trap version because the comb is higher and adjustable plus it has the raised rib. The raised rib keeps me from having to put my head down so much and I really like it.

Both guns come with 5 factory chokes which are all pretty good. You should be able to get the standard gun for about $950, the Gold Field for about $1050, the Gold Sporting for about $1250, and the Gold Trap for about $1350. They're all excellent guns and I wouldn't have anything else.
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I purchased a Teknys Gold Sporting (30") earlier this year and love it. Michael_ is correct that the "Gold" versions have the "real" high-grade walnut which Beretta calls "Select". Typically, the grain is very nice.

If you are going for value, it is very hard to make sense out of the Teknys Gold Sporting. The Urika Gold and other 391 variations make much more value sense. Theoretically, they will shoot the same.

However, I fell in love with the look of the Teknys Gold Sporting model and can tell you that it does make an emotional difference everytime I shoot. I don't have to wish I had paid the extra for the gun I really wanted everytime I take my gun out to shoot. I think my enjoyment level is higher because I love the look and fit of the gun. From that standpoint, I think the extra $ were worth it!

On the other hand, I also have two boys, and there are plenty of times I choose the "value" route because of it. One suggestion might be to offer to pay for a Urika 391 and let them pay the difference if they "must" have the Teknys Gold.
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I have a urika 12 ga. sporting not optima and love it.
I am seriously looking at the tenkys gold sporting in 20 gauge. I believe the 20ga has the recoil reducer in the butt stock as does the 12. I am also considering the silver gold sporting but would like the reducer. The 12 ga. optima silver gold model has a space for it and you can purchchase it and install. Does any one know if the 20 gauge silver gold has a stock that will accommodate the reducer and if I can buy one?
Still a little gun shy on just how fancy the teknys is.
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