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Beretta AL391 Urica.Lubrication

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I have a question regarding lubricating the magazine extention rod that the action piston slides on & the outer surface of the piston.

I have been following the instructions in the owners manual,which advises to clean with "Beretta" oil & then wipe dry.

Some of the shooters at our club have advised me to leave oil on the piston & extention rod. I have always thought that oil should not be used on gas system parts as it tends to cause carbon buildup. Some of the people who advocate leaving oil on the a/m parts are longtime shooters & their guns appear to be functioning 100%.

I would appreciate hearing what others are doing to maintain the Beretta 391.

Rod. :?: :?: :?:
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I shoot mine wet. Heck most times I put a drop of oil on the piston rod as I assemble my gun to shoot it. It has never caused a problem that I know of and although dirt builds up on the rod, it cleans up very easily.

Some people may not like this next paragraph, but....

I tend to shoot 100-150 rounds per day when I shoot, and it may be several times like that before I clean the gun again. So it could be as many as 400-500 rounds between cleanings for me.
First, beware of the instructions to "clean with Beretta oil." Remember this is an Italian manual translated to English. The Beretta oil is just that - a lubricant, not a cleaner. Also, you'll note the manual tells you NOT to lube the cylinder, piston, shaft, or valve. Having said that, I always think it's a good idea to lube something where you have metal-to-metal contact -- in this case, the shaft at least, since the piston slides on it. I would probably keep the piston dry, I have heard they can cake pretty badly if you lube them. Bottom line is use your own judgment and preference. I tend to be somewhat liberal in lubing my guns, but I also clean them fairly regularly. Like Casual Shooter, I prefer wet to dry, all things being equal.
I lube my automatics generously with Breakfree CLP. When I think I have all the moving parts generously lubed, then I add a little more for good measure. :lol: Works for me. In between cleanings I'll add a few more drops to the piston shaft, magazine tube, action bars, receiver rails, and bolt assembly. The trigger assembly gets enough "splashed" oil that I don't need to add more to it.
Thanks guys, I really appreciate the input. I was concerned about metal to metal contact with out lubrication.

I will oil the extention rod with CLP.

Rod. :)
One reason to wipe the oil off is because it can cause problems with wood stocks.
First a correction -- I think the Beretta Oil is a CLP (Cleaner, lubricant, protectant )...says so on a bottle or manual I saw somewhere at one time.

I oil the extension rod with Breakfree CLP --but then wipe off. Breakfree leaves a nice thin residue, that actually gets slicker with time. (Don't ask me how... I read that somewhere too!)

Interestingly, the extension tube on my brand new 20 ga. (this year) 391 is covered with a teflon like material that is slick all of the time. The extension tupe on my older 12 ga is a much more porous material with greater potential to get gummed up.
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