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Beretta BL-1 S55 value

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I'm looking for an approximate value for a 12 gauge Beretta BL-1, S55 that I recently acquired. There is not a lot of current sales information on these. It's a double trigger, 28” barrel, F/M, 2 ¾” chamber, extractors, 12 gauge gun. With a LOP 14 1/4”, drop 2 3/8” and a weight of 7.07#. The butt stock looks to have been professionally repaired at some point. It was manufactured in the late 60's and marketed by Garcia.

It a pleasure to shoot with 1 ozw target loads.
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Any ideas?
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$250.00-300.00. The gun shows lots of wear which you would expect for the age and field use. The gun was manufactured between 1968-1973.
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