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Beretta Choke tubes

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As I have posted earlier, My wife just got the Beretta silver pigeon II 12G, Reading through the instructions it vaguely states that it is not recommended to use the Full choke and the Improved Modified choke, I am puzzled, I have e-mailed my question to Beretta but have yet to get a response. Any ideas ?
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I am assuming that they mean not to use those two chokes with steel shot. A modifed choke for lead shot is as tight as you want to go for steel shot
Thank you for your quick reply (quicker then Beretta :lol: ).
You are correct, ( I should learn to read) On the top of the chart it states, Choke tube compatibility with steel shot, I overlooked that tidbit. :oops:

How does the wife like the Silver Pigeon so far? I am looking at possibly getting the 'S'. I think the only differences are improved cosmetics and of course $$$! Pls correct me if I am wrong! Any feed back on the gun would be appreciated!

Well, funny you should ask, we have JUST returned from firing the first 50 rounds ( I only got to fire 5 of those). It is a sweet gun.

Does not kick much, My wife does need to get used to it, and perhaps we should open the choke on that bottom barrel for her a bit. Did not hit to many birds this go round but I'm sure with time and practice all that will change.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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