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Beretta Pintail recoil spring tube

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I had a wierd problem come up with my Beretta Pintail... the recoil spring tube broke in half after firing the third round. I have had this gun about 5 years and talked to beretta about it and they had never heard of such an event.

Anyway, this gun is an inertia based semi automatic shotgun, very similar to the mechanics of most benelli semi autos. The tube is actully the part that holds the stock to the reciever part of the gun.

The question is how do I get the broken part which is threaded into the reciever out of the reciever. I am almost positive it has some type of locking glue or something in there I have to heatup or something to get it lose. Right now it is just tight as can be and I really have no way of getting in leverage to unscrew it because it is broken off.

Any ideas as to if these are sealed threads and how you can unlock them and any ideas as to how to get the piece out.

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Please warm the area with a propane tourch than wrap the spring tube with tape or use soft jaw pliers, you can do this with no damage to the area.

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