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Beretta trigger question

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Anyone know if the older 682 Gold's have mechanical or inertia triggers? I'm putting tubes in the gun, and think the whole gun should go to briley. The people I'm buying the gun from say no, only the barrel needs to go, the triggers are never a problem. Truth or fiction? :lol:

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My 682 Gold E goes click every time (dry firing) without bumping the butt so I'm guessing mechanical. Check it with snap caps or your nylon (tube) hammer against the breach face and see it they both fire?

I bought mine new with tubes already installed so I don't know if Briley worked the triggers when it was tubed or not.
Unless its been worked on, the 68x series of guns are inertia triggers. So is the DT10 for that matter. The triggers will need to be worked on to get them to work with the .410 tubes, and maybe even the 28 ga tubes. Briley does this and they are perfectly reliable when they get done with them. Its possible your gun has already had this work done, but I would send the whole thing to Briley to be absolutely sure.

I did have friend of mine that purchased a 682 used (barely) and had it tubed with briley tubes by the vendor he purchased the gun from. When he got it, it would not fire the second bbl in the .410- sent it back to where he purchased it, they reworked the inertia mechanism and it works fine- he had to shoot several rounds with the 20 gauge to "break it in" but it has been fine since.

Briley will want the whole gun, I think. Ask them? If you have the stock removed you can easily see the inertia block and watch it work. Briley will want to assure the system works with the low recoil 410 load. I have 680 series from 1981 thru 1991 and the actions are identical. floyd in Vienna
shootist87122 said:
My 682 Gold E goes click every time (dry firing) without bumping the butt so I'm guessing mechanical....
Nope. I had the stock off this week to service the triggers - it's Inertia. Briley obviously did a very good job.
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