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I own 4 Beretta 391s and 2 Benelli M2s. The Berettas are: 1 30" sporting, 1 30" trap, 1 26" field (all 12ga) and 1 26" field (20ga). The Benellis are : 1 28" walnut M2 and 1 26" Comfortech M2 (both 12ga). If I am going to shoot clays I take the Berettas, as I find them better suited to that game and lighter on recoil. If I am going into the field I take the Benellis, as they are lighter to carry and easier to clean grit, dirt or mud out of (fewer moving parts). However, if I had to get rid of all but 1, I would keep the Beretta. Both the M2 and the 391 are extremely reliable and of very good quality, but I feel the Beretta is of a little higher quality and finish. My opinions are based on my real world use and ownership of both shotguns. My suggestion is to buy both, as you will probably love them equally.

On a side note, I recently purchased the M2 Comfortech from user DCx2 on this site. I think he replaced the M2 with a 391(you might pm him and ask why). I bought the M2 Comfortech to compare with the recoil of my M2 walnut. Today I ran 500+ rds thru both Benellis and my sholder is a bit tender. I can honestly say the recoil is slightly, probably, maybe a little less with the Comfortech stock.

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