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Like some have already said they are both very good guns that are well made and reliable designs. They both are good choices for all around use. I don't think that either design is better than the other. Each has it pro's and con's. Both designs need to be cleaned as the both get powder in their actions and trigger groups. Gas model just have a little more to clean with their gas systems. Leaving a gun wet is asking for future issues regardless of the operation type.

The M2 is Inertia operated and the AL391 is Gas operated. Both will go a long time between cleanings with the M2 having the edge. The M2 is easy to tear down and the AL391 is one of the more complicated models although it's not that hard to do. They weigh about the same and both have a stock heavy balance point like most Italian semi auto models. The M2 has a larger triangle safety buton at the back of the trigger gaurd and the AL391's is a smaller round on at the front. The M2 has the soft comb that can be changed which is the only good part of the ComforTech stock. The M2 has a mid height rid to the AL391's lower one. They both come with shims to aadjust their stocks for a better fit. They both come in several finishes and the AL391's camo and B/S models come with rubber inserts in the grip areas. The AL391 has a much thinner fore arm. They both have automatic magazine cutoff's and the AL391 has the additional bolt lock lever on the left side of the receiver. The AL391 has a top locking lug and the M2 has a rotary bolt face. This makes the M2 longer in overall length than the AL391 with the same barrel lengths. The AL391 will cycle lighter loads better than the M2. They both hold four rounds total but, the M2 can take an extension and the AL391 can't. The AL391 has a larger bore which tends to pattern hard non toxic loads better.

Hold both and pick the one you like the best.
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