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I am considering a Beretta Xtrema for wildfowl hunting. Mostly duck (2 3/4" and 3") and some occassional goose hunting which I would sometimes use the 3 1/2" capabilities. Am interested in any general experiences/thoughts that will help me make a purchase decision. Specifically, I'd like to know:
- how does the gun pattern out of the box?
- how well does the gun cycle 2 3/4" light loads. (I understand that the gun was designed with 3 1/2" mags in mind, but I'm looking for an all-around gun).

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts!

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You've probably bought a shotgun by now, but here you go.

A friend of mine recently treated himself to the Extrema. That day we took it to the range and all I can say is, it was perfect. No trepidation on the light loads from my experience, just a sweet shooting gun. I'm a very happy Benelli SBE owner, I love my gun but the break in time can get on your nerves when your dead to rights on a big Mallard. This gun came out of the box ready for business. From the standpoint of an all around gun, I believe you've found it. If I did not shoot left handed, the Extrema would be the gun I would have purchased. Hope this helps.
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