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I have the new Beretta ES 100 (Pintail) 12 gauge. I have had a problem with reliable feeding. It will feed all rounds but the last one. The last round from the magazine hangs up just enough to not be able for the feed ramp to lift it up then chamber it.
I suspect that the magazine spring is the problem. I sent an e mail to Berretta and they suggested that I send it to them. I do not want to send it all the way accross the country to be fixed. I have fired the gun several hundred times so I believe that it is well broken in.
My question is this:
Could I have the magazine spring replaced with a Benelli mag spring from Wolff springs (they don't make a Pintail spring)? The Beretta is basically a Benelli that doesn't handle 3 1/2" shells. I understand that the Wolff spring may need to be cut down slightly for this to work.
What do you think?
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